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○アンゴラの繊維工場、丸紅が再建一括受注 総額1000億円
○JBIC、アンゴラ復興に融資 三菱UFJと協調、紡織工場再建支援

●101121B China,
Chinese vice president commends contribution by Chinese
Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping has commended the efforts made by Chinese enterprises in Angola in actively participating in the post-war reconstruction process in the African country,27 years of civil war,past four consecutive years,Vice Minister of Ministry of Commerce of China Chen Jian,some 20 large-scale Chinese companies,Import & Export bank of China (OOTC:BACHY) , Norinco, Citic, Hydropower Construction Group and Chinese Business & Commercial Bank.,Kilamba Kiaxi social housing project

○100302B DR Congo,
BHPB seeks Congo power project to replace Westcor
Reuters reported that BHP Billiton wants to build a USD 3.5 billion 2,500 MW hydro power plant in Democratic Republic of Congo to support its proposed aluminum smelter. The proposed Inga X project, to be presented to Congo's presidency, would replace a rival 5,000 MW project for the same location put forward by Westcor and rejected by the government last weekend, a venture that would have exported the bulk of its power ...

○091127I Angola, macauhub
Portugal’s EDP analyses construction of a combined -cycle power plant in Angola

○091101I Angola, economist
Investments in infrastructure drive Angola’s electricity industry

●091029F Angola, allafrica
Nation Enhances Profile With Rising Reserves

●091028H Angola, 234next
Chevron’s Angola output to see a 25% rise by 2011

●071022H アンゴラ,10月21日8時1分配信 産経新聞
対アフリカ 資源外交に政府本腰 アンゴラ、初の円借款

070313M アンゴラ,3月13日8時33分配信 フジサンケイ ビジネスアイ
アンゴラ、6年で6兆円投資 石油など開発相次ぐ リビアは官僚組織に懸念

061004L Angola, Amzocom
水力企業 Hydro,アンゴラでアルミニューム生産を計画

060629ZJ Angola, Novosti

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